Saturday, December 24, 2016

AE Reads Skiffily Episode 2: "Taste the Singularity at the Food Truck Circus" by Jeremiah Tolbert

I have done it again. Episode 2 of AE Reads Skiffily is now available for your listening pleasure. Each episode of this science fiction podcast features me, AE, reading thought-provoking speculative fiction along with sound effects. Yes, that is right, you get the pew pew pew with your science fiction audio.
Last month's episode got a lot of positive feedback, which was such a relief for me. Initially, I didn't know what response to expect from listeners. I still haven't gotten a lot of art yet, but that's okay. I'm having a lot of fun recording and editing these episodes. As I build an audience, I hope the art submissions will rise in number. For now, I can be satisfied with the pride of creating an enjoyable experience for listeners like you. The more the podcast's audience grows, the more those hidden artists will come out and show their love by contributing art.

Episode 2 of AE Reads Skiffily features an excerpt from "Taste the Singularity at the Food Truck Circus" by Jeremiah Tolbert from the August 2016 issue of Lightspeed Magazine. Science fiction is often about projecting both future technologies and what people(s) might do in certain circumstances. When I first read this story, I could see the projection as a combination of developments in 3D food printing and the kind of cultural contact and exchange that might flow from people relocating due to rising sea levels. In the story, Nico (the narrator) is trying to save up to become a freelance accountant, but must battle with his love of food trucks. He discovers that Alberto, an acquaintance from a cooking class he took as a child, is a vendor of a popular food truck near his work. Alberto has invited Nico to the exclusive food truck circus.

You can click the play button below to begin listening to my science fiction podcast in your browser. As I read, feel free to imagine that you yourself are at the food truck Circus. Would you try what Nico and Alberto eat?

If you are having trouble with the player or want to listen to me read science fiction while you're in your car, cooking dinner, or at the gym, you can directly download the episode here (run time 0:20:16). I should warn you that the episode does make heavy use of reggaeton beats. There are also some expletives uttered.

As always, I thank you for listening to my podcast. Please feel free to leave a comment, whether to give your thoughts on the story, the audio, or express your support. If you are so inspired, please share a link to your art. There are also other ways to share art available to you. You can email me (my email is pasted in the image above) or even post an image of your art on Instagram, either tagging me (@aeusoes1) or using hashtag #skiffily. You can do the same with Facebook and Tumblr (you can find me on Tumblr here). Happy listening and keep reading!

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