Tuesday, March 07, 2017

AE Reads Skiffily Episode 4: "The Venus Effect" by Joseph Allen Hill

It's a few days late, but episode 4 of AE Reads Skiffily is ready for your listening pleasure. Episode 4 features a new first, female voices for female characters.If you are prepared for a scifi podcast that features people reading science fiction stories (as well as immersive sound effects), then begin listening now.

In the last episode of AE Reads Skiffily, I read the entire story, rather than an excerpt. This made so much sense, that I will henceforth continue the practice, even if it means reading a single story in multiple episodes. For now, I have been able to contain this story in one episode of my science fiction podcast because I found what seems like a pretty good podcast hosting site called Podomatic. If you are into podcasting yourself and are struggling to find a decent hosting site for your episodes, I recommend giving it a try. With Podomatic, I can easily embed episodes into my blog posts, and you can quickly and efficiently download podcast episodes onto your device of choice with a single click. It sounds pretty simple and straightforward, because it is. If there are better sites out there, I don't know, because I stopped looking when I got what I was looking for.

In episode 4 of AE Reads Skiffily, I break new ground in bringing a woman (my girlfriend, Mona), into the sound-recording booth to perform out female roles in this episode's story, "The Venus Effect" by Joseph Allen Hill. I had hoped to publish the episode in time for Black History Month, but am a little late because February is short, the podcast is long, and I needed to find a sweet, sweet podcast hosting site. "The Venus Effect" was first published in the December 2016 issue of Lightspeed Magazine and is a fun little piece of metafiction. The narrator of this story struggles to get a coherent narrative out before the protagonist is killed.

Turn up your speakers, lock in your earbuds, and pay attention to this science fiction podcast. You can click the play button below or download the sound file to your computer and/or phone (runtime 0:54:15). As you listen, try to imagine what might be motivating the man in the police uniform and also what Lord Tklox might look like. Does it seem to you like the metafictional approach is the best way to address the issue covered in this story?

I should warn you that episode 4 includes some liberal use of expletives and also people getting shot. And there's this cool-but-scary sounding evil alien. I wouldn't have your children listen to this unless your children are old enough that you can’t stop them from living their life and, like, just let them make their own choices for themselves. Sheesh!

Thank you all for listening to my podcast and feel free to leave comments, whether to give your thoughts on the story, the audio, or express your support. If you like the sound of my girlfriend’s voice (but not in that way), you can follow her on Instagram (@sewagainstthegrain). If you are an inspired artist, please share a link to your art on Instagram or Facebook, either tagging me (@aeusoes1) or using hashtag #skiffily. You can also find me on Tumblr here. Happy listening. Keep drawing and keep reading!

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